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January 16, 2022

5 General Goals I Have for 2022

Get a dog

Yes. Getting a dog is one of my main goals for 2022! We’ve been trying to conceive, and while this is such an exciting time, it can be mentally draining. A part of me feels that by getting a dog, we’re temporary filling a hole in my heart. Getting a dog isn’t a permanent fix, but having fur babies is something we’ve always wanted! We’ll be moving into a place that allows us to have a dog, so once our traveling is over, a pup will be one of the first things we get! 

Invest more

I’ve always invested into education, but my next goal is to invest into other things. Invest more in stocks. Invest more in crypto. Invest in real estate. Invest more into our businesses!

Stocks, crypto, and real estate are my weak spots, but I am learning! However, I am proud to say that we started off strong in investing in our businesses! We made a huge investment into Brycks Coffee and my newest venture – Pure Wild Love.


I’ve learned so much in the 4 years that I’ve been a business owner. In no way do I think I’m an expert, but I do believe that I have knowledge that would be helpful for others starting out. The thought of making and selling a course was never a goal for me – and it still isn’t. Instead, I would love to educate in other ways, like this blog for example!

Share more about my experiences

Throughout my time as a wedding photographer, my accounts were majority business. Towards the end of 2021, I took a step back and began to share more about life and our experiences. Being able to connect on a personal level with our audience has been so much fun, which is why I plan to do that ten fold in 2022. Expect more personal blogs and personal posts from here on out! Which leads me to my next goal…

Work on things that set my heart on fire

2021 came with a lot of realizations – things that I love about business and things that I hate about business. While this goal is the last one on this list, it’s a top priority for me. Things are going to start to look different on here and on my social media platforms.

After 2022, I am officially going to take a step back from photography. I made this decision right before our wedding last year, and while I’ve been sharing it here and there with friends and family, I never announced it until… well now. I love photography, and I love being able to capture weddings and huge life moments, but 2021 was draining and since we’ve officially started our TTC journey, it’s been constant anxiety and questioning “what happens if I get pregnant and have wedding obligations?” There are so many badass photographer moms, but I took a step back, looked at the bigger picture, and asked myself “What really sets your heart on fire?” 2022 — and the years to come — I will be working on new projects and business that truly set my heart on fire.

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