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October 13, 2020

3 Softwares that All Wedding Photographers Need


When I first started photography, I used Photoshop, Lightroom, and one email address. I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and combined my inquiry emails with my personal emails. My workflow was a mess! As my business grew, I knew I needed to make some changes. I invested in 3 softwares that really helped my workflow so that I can continue to scale my business.



Honeybook is a Customer Relation Management software that has absolutely changed my business! I signed up with a free 7 day trial, but ended up purchasing 2 days later. There are a few CRM softwares to choose from, but I love the ease of Honeybook and how user friendly it is. You are able to create a workflow that works best for your business and it keeps all of inquiries, active projects, and completed projects organized. The contact form on my website is linked with Honeybook, so every time someone inquires, it automatically creates a project for me. You can also send brochures, contracts, invoices, and proposals straight from Honeybook.

Honeybook costs $40/month billed monthly or $34/month billed annually. BUT use my link and get 50% off!


Before Photomechanic, I would cull photos in Lightroom. I noticed a slight lag every single time I would go through my photos and it really drove me crazy! I was introduced to Photomechanic and I wish I had invested sooner. Photomechanic has little to no lag when organizing through your photos. You can easily rate and categorize each session, then take the selected photos into Lightroom. Since changing my culling process to using Photomechanic, I’ve noticed a huge difference in time spent culling and Lightroom speed.

Photomechanic is a one time purchase at $139


Blogstomp is a must for blogging and making your photos optimized for your website. I used to manually do them in photoshop… NEVER AGAIN! Blogstomp makes it so easy to make beautiful collages and website ready photos.

Blogstomp is a one time purchase at $159