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Photoshoot Sessions

August 21, 2020

Provo Canyon Engagement Photoshoot with Nikki and Ben


Nikki and Ben got engaged in July on their 2 year anniversary. They are tying the knot in October and I’m so excited to share just the first of many sessions we’ll be doing together! We did this engagement photoshoot, then will be meeting again for their bridals and first looks, and a third time on the big wedding day.

When planning their session, we originally decided on taking photos at Utah Lake State Park. After scoping out the area we ended up going on a gorgeous walking path right down the road from the entrance. It was covered with greenery and exactly what they were looking for! After taking a few photos here, we drove up Provo Canyon to the Squaw Peak Overlook.



To the left side of the parking lot when facing the view, you’ll see a little bike/hiking path that is perfect for photos. I advise going early if you’re planning to do golden hour/sunset photos because the parking lot will get crowded! We arrived about 45 minutes before golden hour and spent that time getting to know each other more.

Nicole and Ben are both so cute and quirky. Their personalities mesh so well together and I could not think of a better duo.