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July 24, 2020

4 Things to Look For When Shopping for a Wedding Photographer


Okay so you’re engaged, been loving it, and now you’re ready to start shopping for vendors. One thing that I’m always asked is, “What do I even look for in a wedding photographer?” Well honey, you’re in the right place because I’m sharing 4 things to look for when shopping for your wedding photographer.


  1. Style

    Take some time and look through some wedding photo inspo. I love Pinterest for all things inspiration. Especially weddings! Go through some photos and ask yourself what style you are drawn towards. Do you like bright and airy photos? Are you more of a dark and moody? Once you figure out which style you like, it’ll be easier to narrow down a photographer.

  2. Connection & Relationship

    Social media is a fantastic way to look for wedding photographers. I suggest looking up #”your location”weddingphotographer. For example, #utahweddingphotographer or #mauiweddingphotographer. Instagram is the perfect place for this! Also use google search to find wedding photographers in your location. Most photographers use Social Media, so if you’re able to find their socials, head over to their account and see what they’re about. If their work aligns with your style preference and you like what you see, send over an email! If you don’t feel a vibe or connection right away, keep shopping. Think about it: you’ll be spending basically the entire day with this person. You want to make sure that you vibe!

  3. Location

    Many photographers are willing to travel. However, if it isn’t in your budget to fly someone out to you, look for local photographers. Again, use those hashtags, search around social media, and google search!

  4. Relevant

    This is my most important tip. If you walk away from this blog, please, at least keep this tip in mind. Be sure to hire someone with work that aligns with your vision and wedding day. For example, it might not be the best idea to hire a food photographer or street photographer for your wedding. If you’re doing an adventure elopement, look for an adventure elopement photographer. Photographers will more than often have a specialty. Be sure to have a photographer that has a master craft in weddings or elopements.


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