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June 22, 2020

Answering your Moving Questions!


I’m making this short and sweet – We are moving!! In November 2020, Brandon and I will be making a huge life change and moving to Utah County! There are so many questions that have come up, so I wanted to make a one stop shop for all of your moving FAQs!



Why are you moving?

There’s a lot to this! As you may or may not know, Hawai’i’s economy was hit HARD because of COVID-19. The tourism industry and the wedding industry is at a halt. While there are some elopements going on, there is not enough to keep us afloat. Unfortunately, this is not something that we can control. It is ultimately in the hands of our government and their choices in keeping the state on lockdown with strict travel restrictions. Aside from this, there are other reasons that are far too personal for me to dive into.

Why November? Why not now?

I have a few obligations to take care of before November (2 weddings, an elopement, and a few photoshoots). Because of the travel restrictions and the uncertainty of when it will be lifted, I will not take the chance of leaving here and possibly dealing with issues when I return for those events. There is also a lot that goes into moving 2,000+ miles away.

What about your weddings that are scheduled for next year?

I’ve already reached out to all of my 2020 and 2021 couples and have assured them that I will be on Maui to celebrate their day! I’m not one to break promises.

Will you still take bookings in Hawai’i?

Yes, absolutely! I’ve already updated my pricing and I am always open to bookings in Hawai’i. My prices have gone up slightly due to travel costs, but I am more than willing to work things out with you when you inquire!

Why does your Instagram say “Southwest Wedding Photographer”

With moving to Utah, there are a ton of great surrounding states that I love! I am open to taking bookings in the entire Southwest region: Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and California!

Will you continue doing wedding photography full time?

Eventually, yes! There have been some sacrifices that we’ve had to make, including getting other jobs to bring in some income. We will both be looking for part time or full time day jobs once we move until we are both settled in and completely established 🙂 When I am able to go full time, I will!


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