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April 10, 2020

Why I Don’t Charge by the Hour


I recently switched over from charging by the hour to charging by coverage. Some say it’s crazy, I say it’s genius. When I switched to charging by coverage versus by the hour, I kept my clients in mind.

Hourly means more planning

Say you hire me for 6 hours of coverage, but want me to capture your day from getting ready to the reception. Let’s be real now – we won’t be able to capture everything in 6 hours.

Let’s break down the 6 hours:

1 hour for getting ready. 2 hours for the ceremony and portraits. 3 hours for reception… but wait, 1 hour of that will be used for getting everyone into the venue and settled, another hour for eating… that only leaves 1 hour to do everything else!? And how often are timelines followed by the minute?

The last thing I want is for you to be stressed on your big day because our hours are coming to an end and we haven’t done anything yet.

What’s the point OF DOING THINGS BY THE HOUR anyway?

After doing several weddings based by the hour, I realized… what’s the point? I always end up staying later or coming earlier anyways. By doing coverage based, it ensures that I’m there for every part of the day that you want me to be there for. It gives us more room for flexibility and to make adjustments to the day if needed.

While yes, I am there ultimately to capture your day, I am also there to help make things run smoothly. I, along with your other vendors, are hired so that you can enjoy your big day.

So what does this coverage based packages entail?

I offer two packages: Limited coverage and full coverage. For limited coverage, you can choose to have me during two of the following: getting ready, ceremony, and partial reception. For full coverage, well, I’m there all day! From beginning to end. To ensure that we’re on the same page, I left a little section in my contact form for you to list down what parts of the day you absolutely want me to capture. This will help us determine which package is best for you 🙂

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