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January 10, 2020

Maui Adventure Photoshoot with Kristine + Mark | MAUI, HAWAII


In every consultation, I ask my couples if they have any inspiration or their vision for the photoshoot. Kristine sent me a gorgeous photo of a couple on a cliffside. To make her vision come to life, we went on a little adventure session and went off the grid.

Maui Cliffside Couple Photoshoot

We drove along the Lahaina coast and did a mini hike to a perfect cliffside. There were no other hikers there, so it was very intimate. This is perfect for couples who are more shy – or in this case – have never done a photoshoot before.



Intimate Maui Couple Photoshoot

At the beginning of this photoshoot, Kristine and Mark apologized for being awkward. Photographers: this is when you have to have to have to make your couples feel comfortable! I reassured them how amazing they looked and hyped them up. I took a few shots, showed it to them, and that changed everything! They were amazing from the beginning to the end.



Golden Hour Couple Session

We had an overcast day, but the golden hour still came through! We took a ton of photos cliffside, but ended the session in this beautiful grassy area with the gorgeous hillsides. Maui is incredible and there are so many areas to explore!



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