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January 8, 2020

How to Prepare for your Engagement Photoshoot


Engagement shoots are becoming fairly common, and I am all for it! When you do an engagement photoshoot with your wedding photographer, it allows you to build a relationship with them before the big day. You will be aware of how they work. These also make great photos for Save the Dates, invitations, and as wedding decorations! I offer complimentary engagement sessions to all of my couples that book a full coverage wedding package.

So – how should you prepare for your engagement photoshoot?

Have inspiration or a vision for your photographer

During any consultation, I always ask about inspiration or visions for a shoot/wedding. This can come in forms of photos, color schemes, location choice, etc. This will give us a great start to the planning process. When you provide me with an inspiration photo, it will help us narrow down a location and help guide the photoshoot. If you need some inspiration, check out my Pinterest! I love creating Pinterest boards for photoshoots, outfit inspiration, wedding inspiration, and more! You can even look through some of my other blog posts of photoshoots that I’ve done in the past.

Coordinate your outfits

Match! Match! Match! From location to outfits – it’s so important for everything to flow well! A photo won’t look right if you’re wearing street wear at the beach or lake. It can be cool, but we don’t want to worry about getting sand in your Jordans. It’s also important to have a color scheme in mind. Working with a color scheme for outfits will help pull everything together! Having the right colors that match with the location is also important. Wearing all green in a forrest location might not be the best idea. Work with your photographer when planning what to wear. They’ll know best! Again – I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to outfit inspiration!

Get comfortable 

Be comfortable with your partner and be comfortable with your photographer! Ask your photographer questions prior to the photoshoot. Make sure that you are as prepared and as comfortable as possible. If you’re worried about crowds around you while taking photos, mention that so that you can pick a location that’s more intimate and secluded. 

Come with an open mindset & have fun!

I get it – not everyone is a model. But if you are comfortable with your photographer, and trust them, you know you’ll get great photos. Go into the photoshoot with an open mind. Also – HAVE FUN! These aren’t just engagement photos. These are MEMORIES! For once, you’ll be able to see your true moments in stills. You’ll cherish these photos forever. Have fun with it. 



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