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December 27, 2019

5 Tips to Posing your Couples


“We’re awkward in front of the camera”

“I’m not photogenic”

“I’m not a model”

Whether you’re a photographer reading this or a someone looking to get their photos taken… hear me out… THAT IS OKAY! I don’t care if you’re not a model! Most of us aren’t! You’re awkward in front of the camera? SO AM I. I’m pretty sure that I’ve heard it all! But guess what babe – majority of the people I work with have not had their photos professionally taken. That’s life.

Okay, now that the truth is out of the way, here are my 5 tips to help you with posing your clients.



I can write a whole ass blog post about getting your clients comfortable. It’s that important. Long gone are my days of “professionalism.” From the moment that initial inquiry comes in, I make it a point to be myself. I write as I talk. I show my personality online. I connect with my clients in ways beyond the photoshoot. When you are yourself from the get go, they will not be surprised when they show up for the photoshoot. It’ll be like meeting up with an old friend! They know who you are, how you act, and they won’t be hit with any curve balls. Think about it this way… If I were to be extra professional with emails and starting off emails with “Dear blah blah blah” but show up to a photoshoot saying “HEYYYYYY!” and giving hugs, you’d be confused as fuck.


Moments, moments, moments! This is why I throw out prompts instead of poses. I make my clients do things that get them moving and get them in the moment. Long gone are the stiff poses. We’re all about the laughter, the crying, the real and intimate moments. Here are two of my favorite prompts:

Tipsy Walk! Walk like you’ve had a little too much to drink. Give me some hip bumps, a few sways and stumbles.

Whisper in his/her ear how much you love her (This can get you either a cute, emotional reaction or a funny one. It depends on the couple!)




Not everyone is the same! You’re going to get couples who are down for anything and others who are more slow paced. It is so important to adjust to their personality. Not every single prompt will work. If you try to do a prompt to bring out the emotions in a goofy couple, you’re probably going to get laughs instead of tears. and guess what? THAT IS OKAY. Adjust, adjust, adjust!


I like to call myself a photographer, a third wheel, and your hype girl – because I do all of those three things! I’m a photographer (duh), I’m third wheeling (but I love it), and I WILL HYPE YOU UP! Make your couples feel good! Show them photos straight out of camera! Assure them that they are looking fiiiiiiireeeee. If you say they’re doing great, AND show them that they’re doing great, you’re going to boost up their confidence BIG TIME.


If you don’t trust yourself and your craft, your clients will know. Trust me. THEY WILL KNOW. It’s easy to sense. Be confident that you will produce bomb ass pictures and DELIVER. If you’re not confident, keep practicing until you are! If you’re a potential client reading this, trust your photographer! Be sure you’re investing your money into someone that you trust. It goes both ways.




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