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November 24, 2019

Beach Couple Session with Sarah + Donovan in KAPALUA, MAUI, HI


I met Sarah through Instagram – like I meet everyone. lol. A few weeks ago I posted a model call for a couple session. Sarah jumped on the opportunity and I was stoked. I love meeting my IG friends. We planned a beach session in Kapalua. Days before this, I came down with a bad cold and an ear infection. But I fought through it, went to the doctors, took my meds, and did everything that I could to feel better by the session. AND LET ME TELL YA, I’m so glad that we did this.

Up until the session, I thought Sarah was married to an Ethan. When she showed up with her boyfriend Donovan, I nearly died. I SENT OUT THE CONTRACT TO SARAH AND ETHAN. (Any photographers have stories like this? lol). But in my defense, they didn’t correct me. lol. We laughed about this for a hot minute.

This session went so smooth. It was so much fun and they were BOMB in front of the camera. They trusted me and my craft, and together, we were able to make something magical.


If you’re ready to have some fun, capture some cute af moments, let’s talk!

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