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Photoshoot Sessions

July 2, 2019


Oh my gosh! This is probably my favorite story to share. Buckle up and grab some tissues. You’ll cry and you’ll laugh.

It was about 7 am on the morning of May 18, 2019. I was laying in bed with Brandon sound asleep next to me when I received a phone call from a friend and previous client. Now, I question anyone who calls me at 7am! I thought, “Maybe it’s just Kaizen (her son) playing with her phone.” But I my gut feeling told me to answer. So I answer this call and she gives off vibes of instant relief! Now I’m thinking something is wrong and I bolt up ready to take action (I’m more than photographer, okay. I’m your friend when you need one. I’m your go-to gal.) She explained to me that a proposal was going to happen and she needed my trusty services. I’m like “hell yah! when?” IT WAS WITHIN THE NEXT HOUR. I’ve never gotten ready so fast in my entire life. lol.

So, the big plan – within the next hour from that phone call, a bunch of family and friends would be meeting at Big Beach. For Taeja, this was just a big photoshoot… But everyone knew about the proposal! We started off by taking group photos. All the boys, all the girls, individual families. Then we went into couples. We had Taeja and Braydan go last.

I’m here nervous as hell trying to direct this couple with everyone watching behind me. Braydan gets down on one knee (this is where I start to cry because I’m a big baby lol) and asks Taeja to marry him. This is my favorite part y’all. With no hesitation, Taeja reaches down and grabs the ring. HELL YES.

The best part about this entire proposal was that their closest friends and family members – from near and far – were there to witness this amazing moment.

Congratulations Tajea & Braydan!

And to end this off. My biggest take away… listen to your gut.


Princess K.

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