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May 29, 2019



Casey and Nate met in New York while they were both in college. Casey is from New York, and Nate from Canada. They got married late last year, and celebrated their honeymoon on Maui!

These two are so outgoing and loving. We clicked immediately! They laughed at my jokes, and were completely fine with my million questions. We shared so many stories about traveling, life on the east coast, life on Maui, thrifting, and working as an artist. They also convinced me to watch Game of Thrones (Casey and Nate, if you’re reading this, I haven’t gotten to it yet. BUT I WILL, I PROMISE!). Casey is an aspiring actress, and it was so amazing to hear about her goals and aspirations. (I can’t wait to see her on the big screen one day.)

They’re both silly and playful, and it was not hard to capture that. They move so well together. They are so comfortable with each other. To be able to witness a love so pure really warms my heart.