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Photoshoot Sessions

March 5, 2019



When I hit 10k followers last year, I gave away a bunch of free and discounted photoshoots. Kela was one of my winners! We’ve actually been long time friends – since elementary school! I was so excited to shoot with her and Charles.

We went to a popular wedding beach on the south side of Maui right before sunset. It was a Saturday, so the beaches were packed and finding parking was a pain. We worried that there were going to be too many people, and we weren’t wrong. We took a small portion of the beach and there were three weddings/elopements going on throughout our session! There were also a few groups of people just lounging around and enjoying the sun (welcome to paradise). But hey, we don’t mind a little company – that’s why we have Photoshop, right?

Kela and Charles have never gotten their photos taken professionally (like majority of the people I shoot), but it was amazing to see how giddy and playful these two were! They laughed and talked our entire session. My heart still flutters when I see these photos.

Second shooter: https://www.instagram.com/bmorwho/


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